• PhD thesis, forthcoming: Restoring a practice of the past: Piano playing in 1820s Vienna.
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– Watch the video  of historical piano technique demonstrated on a modern piano, produced by Jonathan Eder ofPortland Community Media.

  • Music + Practice is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to the study of practices in music. It features articles and presentations written by academics and practitioners, and has readers and authors from all over the world. Beside its main editorial area, the study of musical practices, the journal will also engage artistic research and performance studies.


  • Research interests:
    • The long 19th century
    • The history of piano pedagogy
    • The origin and history of German lied.
    • Schubert’s lieder
    • Key characteristics
    • Rhythm and metre in classical and romantic music
    • Romanticism and allusion
    • Music and society