27 Oct

November visit to the US

I’m preparing for my upcoming trip and would love to meet you at any of these events!

30. October-3. Nov: Study days at Cornell university, NY.
Welcome to the unofficial run throughs of my SJ lecure and Portland programs:
2. November, 4-6pm: Lecture (Piano playing in the early 19th Century: Restoring a practice of the past). Barnes hall, Green Room.
3. November, 7.30pm: Full concert (the Portland programs for 5 and 6 Nov; Grieg, Tellefsen, Chopin, Schubert, Hummel)

5.-7. November: All Classical Portland, OR

9. November at 3.30pm: Public lecture presentation at the Beethoven Center, San Jose State University

11. November at 6pm: Piano recital at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church of San Francisco Sjømannskirken, San Francisco Grieg, Tellefsen, Chopin.

15. November at 1pm: Piano recital at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church of New York. Grieg, Tellefsen, Chopin.

17. November: Visit to the instrument Collection at Yale university. Private house concert in Connecticut. Please contact me for details!

20. November: Private house concert in Durham, North Carolina. Please contact me for details!

15 Oct

Music + Practice, vol. 2

In 2013, Erlend Hovland, Arnulf Mattes and I founded the online web journal Music + Practice. The second issue is finally out! Let me recommend, in particular, the contribution by celebrated pianist Håkon Austbø, on Messiaen. Read, watch, listen, think! This is not ‘merely’ an article, it is communication in the shape of text, sound, video, analyses and … colours. Enjoy!

Read Music + Practice